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The Night Librarian

When you visit Bristol, Vermont go to the Lawrence Memorial Library at 40 North Street.  Along the side, on Lawrence Lane, you can see the door the Night Librarian leaves through each evening.  If not for a black clad, large winged mysterious librarian, why else would a library have a door a good four feet off of the ground and leading nowhere?!

The Night Librarian is a character that originated in stories I told my son at night.  He was two and it was a struggle trying to keep her tales interesting for me yet positive and fantastical for him.  She wore black, carried a tote bag, had enormous wings, was outfitted with special night-seeing glasses, ate bagels and delivered books.  Any additional details, which thrilled me, were lost on my son.  As I explored her character more, in the light of day, I found myself more attracted to her back story and its darker elements.   While my wife encouraged me to pursue her as a children’s story, I was more comfortable making her a supporting player in a more adult tale.

Tom Triumph

I am a writer living in Vermont and author of the blog  Middle School Poetry 180, an age appropriate, targeted collection inspired by Billy Collins’ Poetry 180 project.


Posted December 27, 2010 by Tom Triumph

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